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Cell Phantom


This cell phantom was used in



The file can be opened in DSI Studio in STEP2 Reconstruction. You may convert it to nifti file using functions under the [Files] menu.


The rat macrophages were isolated from inbred male Brown Norway rats (Harlan, Indianapolis, IN) and cultured as described in an MRI cell phantom study (21). Phantoms with different cell densities (0.8 x 107, 2 x 107, 4 x 107, and 8 x 107, cells/mL) were prepared by diluting cells in different volumes of 2% agarose gel in shortened 5-mm NMR tubes (Fig. 1a). 4 cell phantoms and one control phantom (2% agarose gel with no cell) were scanned using a Bruker BioSpec 11.7-T scanner (Bruker, Billerica MA). The diffusion acquisition was conducted using a 2D stimulated echo sequence. The b-table was a grid sampling scheme with 101 diffusion encoding gradient directions (22). The b-table is publicly available on the DSI Studio website (http://dsi-studio.labsolver.org). The maximum b-value was 6,000 mm2/sec, diffusion time Δ = 80 ms (i.e., diffusion gradient separation), and the diffusion gradient pulse duration δ = 1 ms. The diffusion weighted images were acquired with TE = 10 ms, TM = 75 ms, TR = 2600 ms. The FOV was 1.26 cm with an in-plane resolution of 0.2 mm and slices thickness of 0.35 mm.


Yeh, Fang‐Cheng, Li Liu, T. Kevin Hitchens, and Yijen L. Wu. "Mapping immune cell infiltration using restricted diffusion MRI." Magnetic resonance in medicine (2016).