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    This atlas is shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. It is free for all purposes provided its citation (2018 Neuroimage Paper, see below) is attributed as the source.

    The HCP842 template is derived from data acquired by the Human Connectome Project and may require addition acknowledgement.


Yeh, F. C., Panesar, S., Fernandes, D., Meola, A., Yoshino, M., Fernandez-Miranda, J. C., ... & Verstynen, T. (2018). Population-averaged atlas of the macroscale human structural connectome and its network topology. NeuroImage, 178, 57-68.

NIFTI format

     A total of 80 nifti files are available in the download link. Each file records the voxel-base mask converted from the trajectories of fiber bundle. The original tracks has a much high resolution, and the conversion to a voxel mask loses a substantial amount of spatial information. 

TRK format

     A total of 80 TRK files are available in the download link. To view the file, please download DSI Studio ( and the HCP fiber template (a FIB file, link provided in the bottom). In DSI Studio, click on "STEP3 Fiber Tracking" and open the HCP fiber template. In the top menu, open the trk files using [Tracts][Open Tracts...] to visualize the fiber trajectories.

JPG images

     The pictures show views of the fiber pathways from 6 different directions in a higher resolution. The images were created using DSI Studio.

Connectograms in PNG images

     Connectograms of each fiber pathway generated using an AAL-based brain parcellation.

Other Resources:

    Trk files converted to MNI space using Dipy RecoBundle