Lifespan Developing Human Connectome Project (dHCP) Study

The dHCP study planned to enroll 1500 Subjects at age 20-44 weeks post-conception. The purpose is to link together imaging, clinical, behavioural, and genetic information..


The derived files below are shared under the dHCP data sharing agreement. The source of the data are from the 3rd release.

Users using the files should follow agreement and cite/acknowledge the source.


Processing Steps

1. generate SRC files from NIFTI files

Copy all NIFTI (DWI and mask), bval, bvec files to the same folder and use DSI Studio’s GUI Batch function [Batch Processing[Step B2b: NIFTI to SRC (Single Folder)]

2. reconstruction

This was done using DSI Studio GUI. Click on [Step T2 Reconstruction] and select all SRC files.

  1. [Step T2a][Edit][Open] to load mask
  2. [Edit][Crop Background]
  3. [Run Reconstruction]

3. fiber Tracking

The following script for a job arrary to runs fiber tracking on all FIB file.

subs=$(ls -L *.fib.gz)
subs=(${subs// /})
echo "processing ${subs[$1]}"
singularity exec dsistudio_latest.sif dsi_studio --action=atk --export_template_trk=1 --source=${subs[$1]}

The following is the job array to run the above script using sbatch. The script needs an the file name of the script to run the job array.

#SBATCH -t 24:00:00
#SBATCH -p RM-shared
#SBATCH --ntasks-per-node 8
#SBATCH --mem=15GB
#SBATCH --array=0-999
set -x