The data are originally from the minimally-preprocessed dMRI data from WU-Minn HCP Consortium and converted to DSI Studio SRC files format. The SRC file stores the minimum information needed for diffusion MRI processing, including the DWI data, image resolution, and the b-table. The SRC file can be converted back to 4D NIFTI in DSI Studio.


The data are shared under the WU-Minn HCP open access data use term (4) at

Please acknowledge the source to the WU-Minn HCP.



This data set was originally from the connectome db website ( The MGH HCP team has released diffusion imaging and structural imaging data acquired from 35 young adults using the customized MGH Siemens 3T Connectome scanner, which has 300 mT/m maximum gradient strength for diffusion imaging.